#bloodnormal, Ketchum with AMV BBDO / Libresse
In a taboo-smashing first the short film #bloodnormal featured periods with absolute candour, turning the blue liquid usually used in adverts blood-red.
As a sharp reminder of broadcasting restrictions the film became pixilated just as it made the case for periods being part of everyday life. The message was driven home with the tagline: “Periods are normal, showing them should be too.”
Broadcast online, #bloodnormal made its point and grabbed headlines. It began to normalise periods by placing them at the centre of media and social conversation.
The campaign was supported by style bloggers and celebrities and, following the films release, interest was further provoked through designer underwear, a graphic novel, playful GIFs and school workshops.
After #bloodnormal’s launch in four countries it went viral to reach 32. There was a 72 per cent positive response with the debate swamping social media.
Many woman said they had a better opinion of the Libresse (Bodyform in the UK) brand and were more likely to buy it after watching the film.
The campaign generated 4.5 billion social media impressions and more than 150 stories in global news media from Vogue to Loose Women via The Guardian, the BBC and the Daily Mail.