#LookUpSeattle, The Thomas Collective / Seattle's Union Gospel Mission
Gigantic faces projected onto city buildings lifted the plight of Seattle’s homeless out of the shadows, turning the spotlight on the Mission’s work.
The sheer scale of the #LookUpSeattle images made it impossible for people to ignore. The powerful Lost Angels exhibition of photographer Lee Jeffries’ portraits transformed public spaces into ephemeral galleries.
The project was supported by a downloadable map and schedule of the mobile installation sites. Press interviews conducted at the Mission’s downtown Men’s Shelter promoted the upcoming exhibition.
Buildings, walls and tunnels played host to the three-day show illuminating the darkest corners of the city and capturing people’s imagination.
Television, print, radio and digital coverage of the Mission’s work increased 1,000 per cent thanks to the campaign. Donations to the Mission soared by 100 per cent, with 80 per cent from first-time donors.
The campaign touched the soul of Seattle, encouraging the community to see the unseen and asking people not to look away again.
In his comments judge Mark Perkins said: “A challenge to urban complacency with a great outcome.”