Project Literacy: A Little Chicken Named Pong Pong

Project Literacy: A Little Chicken Named Pong Pong, FCB Inferno & Weber Shandwick / Pearson
Focusing on one mother’s inspirational story opened the door for leading learning company Pearson to tackle the massive global illiteracy crisis. A billion people worldwide are unable to read, including 40 million in the US and 10 million in the UK.
Wanda Steward from Baltimore was ashamed of her inability to read so she pretended to read to her children, making up the stories from the illustrations. When her children finally noticed what was going on Wanda turned to Project Literacy for help.
As part of Wanda’s efforts to learn to read and write she was asked to re-tell the children’s story ‘Chicken Little’ using her imagination and the book’s pictures.
Actor and activist Idris Elba revealed Wanda’s story to millions who need help from Project Literacy when he wrote a foreword to the book and filmed a heartfelt reading of the bedtime story.
Broadcast on Facebook its was viewed by more than 700,000 people, growing to nearly one billion people when the Give Your Word - Project Literacy campaign became hot news on global media.
Judge Mark Perkins said it was an: “Outstanding campaign. Thoughtful, beautifully created, done with warmth.”
Overall there was a nine percent increase in awareness of Project Literacy, a 13 per cent rise in brand awareness and association with Pearson, and a 59 per cent boost in money donated to a literacy charity.