Shrinking Habitat

Shrinking Habitat, Jungle Creations / WWF
The Shrinking Habitat video strikingly emphasised the negative impact human actions can have on our planet and the animals that share it when it was broadcast in the run up to Earth Hour UK.
The film featured YouTuber Francis Haugen locked in a house for a week in conditions adapted to illustrate the problems humans can cause. It was captured by remote access camera and Francis also had a camera.
Day by day conditions became more testing with all the food removed, then the furniture, before the house was inundated with plastic and then extreme weather was introduced. By day five Francis was restricted to one room and by day six he had had enough.
“Would be an outstanding winner,” commented judge Nana Anto-Awuakye.
The social experiment generated more than 10 million views, 420 per cent more than hoped for, and 26,000 viewers clicked through to the WWF website with more than 14,000 pledges made directly because of the video. The website showed people what they could do to make a difference.
Shrinking Habitat was a completely new concept for social media and representing the impact of humans on the planet. It offered a fresh perspective on issues the WWF has been trying to tackle for decades.