There But Not There

There But Not There, Newsfeed PR / Remembered
The iconic silhouette of a WW1 soldier or ‘Tommy’ opened the door to raising more than £1.5 million for armed forces and mental health causes through the charity Remembered as it marked the centenary of the end of the war.
There But Not There was launched at four sites around the UK. The Giants Causeway in Northern Ireland was home to a WW1 soldier awarded the Victoria Cross, Hearts football club in Edinburgh, Scotland, which lost seven players in the Battle of the Somme, Big Pit in South Wales that sent an entire Pals Battalion to the Front, and the Tower of London representing support from England and the capital city.
General Richard Dannatt, patron of Remembered, and Birdsong novelist Sebastian Faulks were recruited to promote the charity because of their connections to WW1. On launch day B-Roll and spokespeople were deployed to every broadcast outlet in the UK. Comment pieces from Lord Dannatt and Sebastian Faulks appeared in national newspapers along with general coverage. Known supporters of the armed forces were encouraged to back the campaign using #ThereButNotThere.
The campaign raised more than £1m through sales of miniature Tommy silhouettes in the first 24 hours and reached 370,000 people on social media within a month. TV broadcasts reached 11 million, radio nearly nine million, and the story was widely covered in national newspapers.
Beth Andlaw said in her judging notes: “Very clear use of a tight budget, hard working PR at its best.”
On the back of the fundraising success Newsfeed has been asked to activate the campaign globally, and this year it will be rolled out in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.